2018 Elections

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2018 Elections

On Election Day, polls are open from 7 a.m. - 8 p.m.  Documents
April 3, 2018 Spring Election State offices to be elected within Outagamie County include:  Supreme Court Justice and Outagamie Circuit Court Judges Branch 4, Branch 5, and Branch 7.  County offices to be elected include: County Board Supervisors (36 districts) and a Special Partisan Election for the Outagamie County Treasurer.

Type B-C-D Notice for the April 3, 2018 Spring Election 

April 3, 2018 Spring Election Reporting Units County Wide 

April 3, 2018 Spring Election Reporting Units County Supervisor Districts

Type A-Notice of Referendum - Wisconsin & Outagamie  

Resolution No. 59--2017-2018 - Resolution authorizing County referendum for the April 3, 2018 Spring Election

County Board Supervisor Candidate List - Ballot Order 1-8-2018

County Board Supervisor Candidate List - Updated 1-5-2018 - 4:57 p.m.

County Treasurer Candidate List

Type A Election Notice

June 12, 2018 Special Partisan Election - Senate District 1


By Governor's Order, a special election will be held June 12, 2018 for Senate District 1, a portion of which is within Outagamie County.  If a primary is necessary, the primary will be held May 15, 2018 Type A Election Notice - Senate District 1
February 20, 2018
Spring Primary

Primaries will be determined by the number of candidates seeking office for the April 3, 2018 Spring Election. 



Feb. 20, 2018 Spring Primary Type B-C-D Election Notice (includes sample ballots) - City of New London (no primary) & Pulaski Community School District (T. Oneida-part of Ward 6) publishes separately 

Reporting Units-Countywide

February 20, 2018 Official Spring Primary Election results (Summary and Reporting Unit Detail):

Justice of the Supreme Court

County Supervisor, District 6

NOTE:  The above Official Elections Results for the Outagamie County February 20, 2018 Spring Primary Election only includes offices canvassed by the Outagamie County Board of Canvassers


Official results for the February 20, 2018 Spring Primary for local offices and/or school offices/referenda are provided through those entities.  Contact the clerks specific to that contest or referenda question(s).


Municipal Report of Provisional Ballots - Note: Those municipalities requesting the county to post information are listed on the report. Some municipalities report using their municipal websites or another website. For more information, see Municipalities


August 14, 2018
Partisan Primary
Same offices as November.   
November 6, 2018 Fall General Election Offices on the ballot are Governor, U.S. Senator, U.S. Representative, odd-numbered Wisconsin State Senate seats, and all Wisconsin Assembly seats.  County offices on the ballot are Sheriff, Coroner, Clerk of Circuit Court.

County Clerk of Circuit Court, Coroner, and Sheriff Candidate List - Updated 4/13/18

Type A Notice for the Partisan Primary & General 2018 Elections